Our story

Let us introduce you the story of how Pürg came alive!

It all started in 2015, when Jürgen, our CEO, came up with the idea of a Grad bag. This idea was born in the -25C winter cold when there was no place to put the graduation cap. We started looking for a material that is unique and eco-friendly, but also never been used in the fashion world. We were inspired by the car industry, where heat-pressed felt is often used.

Always striving to become better, Pürg took part of competitions meant for start-up companies. In 2015 we took part in a competition meant for Estonia’s student companies and became the second best. After that product development sped up and the idea of becoming something more than a student company became more realistic. We value each experience that we have been through, because every competition has been a move towards becoming better at what we do.

In 2016 Pürg took part at the national accelerator “Ajujaht” where we ended up in the TOP7 out of 300 companies.Since then Pürg’s team has grown and is aiming to be seen globally as a company that offers products inspired by the Scandinavian design.

Behind the brand is a team full of ambitious and innovative designers and marketers, visionaries and leaders. We are built on a willpower and aimed to become better and bigger with every day


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